Susan began painting twenty years ago after finding one of her children’s paint sets. She is largely self-taught but has attended classes with Norma McDonald, Paul Miller and Tina Spira as well as a couple of workshops with Patrick Carroll and Madeleine Szymanski. She has an extensive library of art books and magazines and enjoys learning through her play-painting sessions.
“For me painting is largely the process of experimentation” 
Susan occasionally paints plein-air but more frequently paints in her studio from her own sketches and photographs. She likes using acrylic paints, charcoal and graphite pencil, but also enjoys the more traditional watercolour paints especially when painting miniature paintings.
“I like to play with different forms of media and see what happens,
though whether the result ends up in the public eye is a different matter!”
Susan paints on many different surfaces: paper, canvas, board, polymer resins (synthetic ivory) and even recycled plywood from Brie Cheese boxes!
“The end results of my paintings tend to be fairly traditional in their appearance,
but how I arrived there is another thing!”
Susan has won many awards for her miniatures and drawing. She belongs to several Art Societies, Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby, as well as the three branches of the Australian Society of Miniature Art: NSW, Vic., and Tasmania.
Susan exhibits throughout Australia and will also paint commissions.
“Painting should be a joy, an escape, not a chore.”